Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dave & Miranda Happy with their Helmets

Dave and Miranda are working in San Juan, Puerto Rico this summer. In spite of the resort location, they have had to work hard (see - Dave is wearing a Del Sol t-shirt!). At first they had no transportation, and had to take buses wherever they went. But, they finally got a scooter, and are now able to decide their own route and schedule. Here they are safe in their new scooter helmets, and happy to be mobile.

Miranda's sunny personality and language and organization skills, have helped make their store a top performer this summer!


Matt & Heidi Maxfield said...

They look like happy newlyweds! Time for them to bring cousins to Owen and Susanna!

broadwater said...

When I first saw the helmets, I thought maybe they were able to do a little spilunking or caving in P.R. I hope so.

Dave and Miranda said...

We are so cute!