Friday, May 8, 2009

Big day today! Mike and Melanie's sons Eric & Ben both graduated from the "U", Eric in Mechanical Engineering, Ben in Economics. Both were good students, and did well in school. So, it was a beautiful day outside, and a rewarding day for our family inside.Melanie, Mike, Miriam, Kate and Rachel all shared in the celebration, along with Kate's parents, Dean and Joan Connolly. You never know who you'll see. Eric & Ben's friend Grant Anderson also graduated, as did Ben's friends Dave Cook and Scott Kimball. Mike's cousin Kathy Johnson's son, Paul also graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (but his was a Master's degree). Pulitzer Prize winner historian David McCullough was the keynote speaker, and inspired some reflection with thoughtful remarks. A great graduation day. Congratulations to Eric & Ben!

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Melissa said...

woohoo... a big congrats to Eric and Ben! Love ya all!!!