Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mike and Melanie in Washington

Here is Melanie, all set to go. We were supposed to help Dave and Miranda move in, but by the time we got there, they had moved in, so they decided to entertain us, instead.

See their cute apartment! and paternal Dave, taking care of Milo.

Here is Milo, already to go , for a day on the town with Grandmother and Grandfather Anderson

The Four M's (Mike, Melanie, Miranda and Milo) wandered down Alexandria's King Street, which was named that way back when we had a King. Looking for a lunch site, we saw a workman with a good looking burger, but we kept on looking.

Later, we investigated the Torpedo Factory, which was what it was named, and then converted into a building where artists can both do their work and show their work. Here are Milo, Melanie and Mirand celebrating our great parking space by the Torpoedo Factory.

Our next stop, the law school, to pick up Dave, after a long day of learning about the Law.Mike learned that George Washington University was founded with a bequest from the estate of George Washington several years after his death, and is in Washington D. C., close to Georgetown, and The White House. We went into Georgetown, and found a great parking place on the street, close to the restaurant. We were going to eat dinner with Missy, Greg, Megann and Emily at an Ethiopian restaurant called Zed's. We followed Hillary Clinton's suggestion on the pick, who had eaten there before.

Ethiopian food is eaten by hand, without utensils. All at the table wash their hands first, the food is served in sauces, on a large tortilla like bread. We tore off pieces of the bread, and picked up some of the food in the piece of bread, then popped in our moths. The food was delicious and our server was very helpful and friendly.

Melanie and Megann were happy with the idea of frozen yogurt for dessert.

Missy and Jay's family have been wonderful hosts for Dave and Miranda. And, they were generous with their time while we were there, inviting us all to dinner, and then going to Zed's with us.

The next day, we walked down the Mall, headed for the National Gallery of Art. On the National Mall, there was a lot of activity, in cluding the National Association of Negro Women's National Black Family Reunion, with seminars, speeches, music and dance. At the other end of the Mall were the protests against national health care. It was fun to see the demonstrations of our democracy up close, and enjoy seeing the two groups get along well together. We went to the National Gallery, and saw the only DaVinci in America, some beautiful pieces, and a special exhibition of armor and art. The disco tunnel connected two of its buildings underground. Then we met at DuPont Circle for dinner at Crepe's a Gogo

Melanie and Mike had a great time seeing Miranda and Dave in their new environment. They have a nice apartment, a good ward, Missy and Jay's family are great family support. Life is exciting in the nation's capitol, and Dave is busy studying and looking for a summer job. Miranda is a creative and spiritual force. We feel blessed by all the good things happening there.


Matt & Heidi said...

Fun trip Melanie! Looks like all is well!

Melissa said...

Come again SOON!!!!

betsy b said...

melanie that was a great post. i love the aesthetics of your blog. i'll be a valiant follower from this point forward. thanks for commenting on my blog. it was a treat to sit next to you at priesthood dinner as well.