Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parents in the Carribbean

Melanie and Mike went to visit Ben on Grand Cayman Island, in the Carribean. The island has beautiful white sand beaches, such as you see here by Melanie. Ben works for Del Sol, a company with two stores on the island, focusing on cruise ship passengers. Here his coworkers are messing up his already short hair. But besides the shopping and the beaches, Grand Cayman has Sting Ray City, where land lubbers can walk around a spot off the coast where fisherman used to dump their excess fish, and the sting rays would wait for them. Now the sting rays gently nudge the tourists, hoping for a morsel, then move on silently if there isn't any.

The island has some graceful homes combining colonial and island architecture , with wonderful pastel colors.

At the Turtle farm, we could see and hold the baby sea turtles, watch the big ones swim around gracefully despite their bulk (up to 600 pounds) and age (often uo to 60 years old), and sample farm raised turtle soup. Ben's coworker offered to make us a dinner. So the two of them, her husband and some coworkers joined in for a delicious feast featuring stewed pork and fried plantain.

But all good things come to an end. So too did our dinner, and our trip. Ben and the whole island were wonderful hosts. Melanie and I made our way Back, and look forward to another trip.

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Melissa said...

What a great trip... so beautiful... glad you had such a great time!