Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rachel was in town for the weekend. Easter shopping was in order, so they acquired matching Easter suits!


Amy said...

They look so cute! Maybe I'll see if I can find one in yellow (does it come in maternity sizes?)

two morrow's journey said...

Hi Andersons:
Nice Blog --- Great way to keep updated. It appears that all is well. We will do our best to beat this challenge. You would be simply amazed at the incredible care given to us right from Craig Harmon to Mark Reichman to John Thomson --- just simply wonderful. We feel very grateful for all the Lord has done to bless our lives. Looks like Peru is going to be very blessed by having your daughter serve there. Our daughter and her family are planning to return to live in SLC in May so we are looking forward to having little grandkids in the area once again.

Matt & Heidi said...