Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! it started in the middle of the week with Ben's birthday. Ben got the traditional enchiladas, Kate and Eric came and enjoyed them with us.

Then the Livingstons came. The we went to Farmington for priesthood session, and we went to the Mandarin for the after priesthood dinner with Grandmother, the Farmington Andersons, and Betsy Broadwater. (We thought we had some pictures, but can't find them.)
Melanie thought Spoon Me was a good idea , and another way to celebrate Matthew Livingston's birthday eve, so we did. Matthew thought that Captain crunch and white chcolate were the right add-ins fro natural frozen yogurt.

This morning, Melanie made the traditional conference Sunday meal; blueberry buckle, breakfast casserole, fruit, OJ and cocoa.

And we ate in front of conference,as we watched and listened.

And Matthew Livingston tried out the idea of talking at General Conference.

In between sessions of conference, we took the second annual walk between sessions.

The Livingstons were in town for Missy to participate in helping to allocate some of the family things, so Matthew, and Camille's boys David and Adam came to Salt Lake and practiced pool with Matthew Livingston at our house. We missed all those is Seattle, Cedar City, New Hampshire, Huntington Beach and Troy. Melanie planned out the weekend so she could attend the three family allocation meetings, prepare all the meals, and still enjoy what turned out to be a great conference. Our enjoyment and edification was increased by Rachel's suggestions of writing down questions, the closeness to our family, and having the Virginia wing of the family here.

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Cherie said...

Sorry we missed the annual dinner after priesthood. I'm happy that Betsy was there to represent us. See you soon