Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ben and Mike in kinda sunny San Diego

Mike had a conference, and Ben had graduated, so, as a devotee of Socal, Ben came along with Mike to San Diego. We ignored the press about commuter airline pilot training (or the lack thereof) and took Delta/Skywest to San Diego. here is Ben thinking about the sun and the beach, as he boards ....

While Mike was at the conference founfd a local friend, and hung out in Coronado. In the evenings we'd walk around the Gaslamp district. Ate at "La Puerta," geat Mexican food on 4th Avenue.

Then we walked around the waterfront, saw the cruise ships and the Midway.

But Ben did find time to go see a Padres game with Mike. They ate at Tin Fish first.
They felt a little chicken about leaving before the end of the game. But ESPN later said the game went 13 innings.
Skywest took us safely home again. We had a good time!

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