Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Mother's Day call

Only Melanie could make a Mother's Day call into a special event. Here is the spread, including Mediterranean food from Mazza and Melanie's homemade specialties. Ryan brought a cake from his aunt. No one has ever eaten better at a phone call.

While we were there, waiting for Sarah's call, we though we would try to patch in the kids who weren't there; Amy, Scott and Susanna in Seattle, Dave and Miranda in Concord, New Hampshire. With the magic of the internet and Spype and our technical wizard Eric, we got to talk and see all of them, at the same time!

Sarah is doing so well. We are proud of her. She has jumped in the Peru mission environment. Years before, the missionaries were all "nortes." But now, she is one of only 2 norte sister missionaries in her mission, and she hasn't seen the other one. So, she has been immersed in the culture and the language, and is learning fast. Her enthusiasm and humility are serving her in dealing with the culture shock. We are so proud of her! Already 2 baptisms. (Good story: after her door approach, a little boy ran to his mother and said "Mommy, Brittany Spears is at the door!") Can't wait for the next call!

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