Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 24

What a great holiday weekend! We started out on a hike in our beloved foothills, confirming Brother Brigham's earlier view, and the proof is in our beautiful city below.

Not wasting a minute, Melanie was on the line touching bases with the kids across the country on the trail.

Later that day we had a breakfast at Emigration Market with the kids that are here, Rachel and Ben, and then, the next day, had a wonderful breakfast up the canyon, but have no pictures. Jacob and Mike were celebrated in the traditional great pancakes cooked on an unpredictable propane stove.

The barn at the ranch is apparently in its last days, so Melanie showed us some of the remains of the pool from the site of the old house, now gone many years, and where the barn may go soon. She rang the dinner bell, and we showed Rachel, Maria, Piper and Lucy how to swing on the porch.

Sunday night we got to see our friend of many years "Tommy" here to visit from Japan. We compared notes, how we had all aged, and enjoyed pictures of his family. Fun memories!

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