Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19 Sun Valley and Peru

Sun Valley was fun; while Mike was explaining the benefits of the bank's exchange program, Melanie and Miranda could do some walking around the grounds.

Later there was a barbecue on the lawn where the Kaysville Andersons met the Salt Lake Andersons.

A quick walk into Ketchum revealed the hitherto lost location of the Dollhouse. We cooled off with a trip to LeRoy's Ice Cream, which we liked so much, we came back the next day again.

Milo, David and Miranda's son was the star of the trip. Here he is when he learned he was too young for Ice Cream at the Ice Cream Social.

Here are Rachel and her friend Piper Morgan (who tended Rachel for us at Sun Valley, along with several of the young crowd at Sun Valley).

Melanie also found a Diamond Anniversary edition of Scrabble, guaranteed to not wear out, although we tried.

A quick side trip to Redfish lake revealed the beauties of the Anderson women, and Mount Heybourn of the Sawtooth Mountains.

No trip to Sun Valley is complete without a trip to Despo's (formerly Desperado's) Mexican restaurant.

Milo later submitted this video report of the trip to Despo's (click on the arrow):

When we returned home, we were happy to find a letter from Sarah, in which she had sent us some pictures in Peru. Here she is with her companion, Sister Flores, and a new member, Victoria.

She also loves to walk through this part of Chiclayo, where she is posted, enjoying the colors. She reports loving the food, the colors, the friendly people. But most of all being impressed at how friendly and open they are to each other and to her. She feels that they have something to teach us about becoming part of one's community, and being true brothers and sisters. She also reports that her Spanish is getting better, and her pensione is wonderful!
Thanks Sarah, for taking the time and the energy to share yourself with us, and the world!

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