Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peruvian news

We received our first pictures from Peru, sent by our dear Sarah, now known as Hna. Anderson. She is serving as a missionary in the Piura Peru mission, now posted to the city of Chiclayo. She has been blessed to have a great experience with her senior companion, Mna. Flores, and have been well received, participating in several baptisms already!

Here are the pictures:

This first one is of (from left to right), Sarah's companion Hna. Flores, Sarah, and Hno. Jose Vega, a mission leader.

This next one is of Hno. Flores, Sarah and Paulo, just after Paulo's baptism.

In a tender mercy blessing for us, two members of our home ward, Mark Nelson and his son Andrew, were in Peru to do some humanitarian work and then do some sight-seeing. They dropped in to attend church at what turned out to be the ward where Sarah serves. Sarah has attended our present home ward only a few times, so it took a while for each to recognize the other. In Sarah's last letter, she mentioned how fun it was to see them, and what a fun surprise it was to have them have them drop in on her ward. Then, today in our meeting, Mark came up and spoke to us, and told about how Sarah gave a talk in Sacrament meeting in Spanish.

We are so pleased with Sarah's courage to go to Peru, learn a language, and take the wonderful news of the gospel to these people, who had been foreign to her, but are now so dear. Here is the picture of the Nelsons with Sarah and Hna. Flores.

It is great to see the smile and dimples on Sarah's face. It was also fun to recognize the style of architecture behind all of the pictures.

And for you animal lovers (of which Sarah is decidedly one), Sarah sends a picture of a dog she came across in her travels.

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