Sunday, April 4, 2010

On this Easter morning, we were greeted by ....

more snow.

But pressing forward in spite of the weather's cold shoulder, we did Easter with the Livingstons. Emily found all six baskets.

And, Melanie continued with her conference brunch masterpiece.

This year, quiche replaced the casserole.

But the fruit and the blueberry buckle was there. Since the traditional participants were off doing good things, some with their own families, we had to find replacements for them.
Uncle Jay's trip to hospital for pancreatitis kept Aunt Melissa at his bedside. But Megan, Matthew and Emily kept their Spring Break rendezvous in the West with their brother and sister, and Utah cousins. The Livingston's made delightful substitutes, and distractions for Mike and Melanie from the reality of those who weren't there.

Rachel did make the trek from Cedar and represented her siblings. Greg relaxed during the sessions, and Emily kept busy.

When it was time for the Livingston's to literally take off, we were sad, but hopeful that they could return. Word to Matthew: keep practicing your skills; someday you'll be able to compete in Ping-pong, Scrabble or Pool.


Melissa said...
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David said...

I miss the Bluberry Buckle and egg casserole. Maybe you guys can come visit in October!