Sunday, November 14, 2010

Downstairs renovation update

Above is the hallway at the bottom of the steps, after you turn right. Here we look north, towards where the old laundry/storage area used to be. Then, to the right, in the corner, where you used to enter Ben/Eric's bedroom and the bathroom, now is just the entrance to the downstairs bathroom.
Going in, you see the newly tiled tub
and the new sink and vanity (my favorite!)
Coming out of the bathroom and going west, our old bar is now a storage room -
Here's the hallway where the bar used to be on the right, and the furnace on the left. Ahead, where the pool table and tv room used to be are Ben's bedroom, to the right, and Sarah's/Rachel's, to the left.
Ben's bedroom door (i dasn't look behind it)
Sarah/Rachel's bedroom hall (see the duct corner, above where the noisy vent is).
Here we go back to the stairs, and turn left instead of right.
At the bottom of the stairs, immediately to the left, (where the old bedroom hall way entered Rachel/Sarah's old bedroom) is a closet.
Opposite the closet, we look to the southeast, standing about where the wall between the bedrooms used to be, looking at the new french door, where the window used to be.

Looking north, we see the second french door, and the north end of the family room.

Going back to the bottom of the steps, we turn right instead of left, and see the kitchen/dining area, with the new blackboard on the left.
Here is the kitchen area straight on, with the checkerboard tile floor. You can see where the new appliances, countertop and reset cabinets will go.
Here is a close-up of the kitchen area, where you can see the microwave, and the repainted cabinets, awaiting the appliances, countertop, sink and repainted bottom cabinets. Different, huh?

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Marge said...

i LOVE it! i can't wait to see it in person!